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Fābula 19: Dē Vulpēculā et Cicōniā (with macrons)

For your reading pleasure, here is a fable with macrons:
Vulpēcula ad cēnam invītāvit Cicōniam , obsōniumque in mensam effundit et, cum liquidum esset, linguā lingēbat, quod Cicōnia frustrā rostrō tentāvit. Abit ēlūsa Avis, pudet pigetque iniūriae. Paucīs diēbus interlapsīs, invītat ad cēnam Vulpēculam. Vitreum vās situm erat, obsōniī plēnum. Quod cum esset artī gutturis, Vulpēculae licuit obsōnium vidēre, gustāre nōn licuit. Cicōnia enim rostrō facile exhausit.
Commentary: Segmented version of the Latin text for easy reading.
Simplified Fable: Simplified version of the Latin text for pre-reading.
Barlow 85: English translation available here, plus the original Latin moral.
Flashcards: Flashcards, with macrons, at
Crossword: Crossword puzzle based on vocabulary for this fable.
Audio. If you do not see a play button here, use the Audio Tab (see above).
Digital Book: Digital facsimile of page from Barlow's 1687 publication.
Perry 426: For more Latin and English versions.

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