Aesop's Fables... in Latin!

Fābula 24: Dē Vitulā et Bove (with macrons)

For your reading pleasure, here is a fable with macrons:

Mollis et lascīva Vitula, cum Bovem agricolae aculeō agitātum et arantem cerneret, contempsit. Sed, cum immolātionis diēs affuit, Bōs, ā iugō līberātus, per pascua vagābātur. Vitula vērō, ut immolārētur, retenta est. Quod cum Bōs conspicātur, subrīdens ait, “Heus Vitula, ideō nōn labōrābās: ut immolārēris !”

Post comments and questions below; here are some resources to help you:
Commentary: Segmented version of the Latin text for easy reading.
Simplified Fable: Simplified version of the Latin text for pre-reading.
Barlow 52: English translation available here, plus the original Latin moral.
Flashcards: Flashcards, with macrons, at
Crossword: Crossword puzzle based on vocabulary for this fable.
Audio. If you do not see a play button here, use the Audio Tab (see above).
Digital Book: Digital facsimile of page from Barlow's 1687 publication.
Perry 300: For more Latin and English versions.

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