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Ning Diary: Dec. 20 - Quia Quizzes for Frequently Used Nouns

In the Introduction to the Aesop's Fables book, you will find a list of frequently used vocabulary, divided into nouns, adjectives & pronouns, verbs, and other (adverbs, conjunctions, etc.). The words in these lists from from two sources: the words used most frequently in the fables themselves, along with words from the list of the 300 most frequently used words in Latin from Paul Bernard Diederich’s booklet, The Frequency of Latin Words and Their Endings (1939).

When a word appears on the frequently used list, that means it does NOT appear in the fable-by-fable vocabulary list which accompanies each of the fables in the book. The idea, then, is that words which appear on the high frequency lists should be committed to memory AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, before you even start reading the fables. In order to help people make sure they are ready to go, I'm preparing some Quia online quiz materials to assist in reviewing and testing knowledge of the frequently used vocabulary.

I have completed the Quia quizzes for the nouns so far, which should be done in the following order:

1. Study and review. Study and review the nouns using the Flashcards along with the Matching Game and Concentration Game. You should make up your own flashcards for any nouns that give you any trouble at all! The best way to make flashcards is with the blank Vis-Ed cards that you can order for just $7 per 1000 cards!

2. Matching quiz. Then, take the Matching quiz and see how you do. This should be a very easy quiz - it is more of a review than a quiz. Make sure you SAY the Latin nouns out loud, both the nominative and genitive forms, as you take the quiz!

3. Genitive form. Next, you need to make sure that you also know the genitive form of each noun, in addition to the nominative (dictionary) form. So, take this fill-in-the-blank quiz for genitive forms. You will see the English definition and the dictionary form of the Latin word - you need to supply the genitive form. This is a way to reinforce your identification of the Latin words while also checking to make sure you know the genitive forms.

4. Fill-in-the-blank with hints. Now you are ready to start supplying the word in Latin on your own. So, take a fill-in-the-blank quiz (with hints), where you will type the Latin word (nominative singular form, as you would find in the dictionary). There are little blanks to give you a clue about how long the word is. There is also a "hint" for each word that might also help you expand your English vocabulary as well! You can take this quiz as often as you want, or go back and repeat the Flashcards or Matching quiz, depending on what is the best way for you to practice and review.

5. Fill-in-the-blank quiz WITHOUT hints. Now you should be ready to take the fill-in-the-blank quiz - there are still the little blanks to clue you in about the length of the word, but no other hints are provided. If you do well on this quiz, that is probably a very good sign that you have mastered these words. You are ready to make these words part of your active Latin vocabulary by reading them (in the stories), speaking them (in discussing the stories out loud - even if just in a conversation with yourself!), and writing them (by retelling the stories in your own words).

As you take each of these quizzes, review these Strategies for Taking Quia.Com Quizzes to make sure you get the most out of each quiz!

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