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Ning Diary: March 11 - Latin Via Proverbs blog

I have finally gotten around to cleaning up the 300+ blog posts in the Latin Via Proverbs blog which I worked on a few years ago, and have not really posted to on a regular basis since then. What a relief! I should be able to start posting there again now that I've got it cleaned up. If you have to notice any strangely formatted posts there (either with way too many blank spaces between paragraphs... or not paragraphs at all), please let me know.

For those of you interested in the technical mumbo-jumbo, I had originally created that blog to facilitate publishing audio for the proverbs online; hence the name of the blog: But in 2006, when I started the blog - first post, Hic mortui vivunt, hic muti loquuntur - the integration of audio into a blog post was really tricky. I ended up using a little Flash player, which did work, but it was not easy to insert into the blog post. In order to get the player to work, I had to use raw HTML code, being very careful about just where I inserted line breaks, handling all of that manually. If I let the WYSIWYG editor handle that for me, it would insert line breaks into the code for the player itself, and the player would not function. I even had to disable to option that allows for manually inserted line breaks in the HTML code to be treated as line breaks in the text. It was worth it to be able to insert the audio into the blog posts but when made some other changes to the way its HTML editor worked, it grew increasingly difficult to manage and I basically stopped posting in that blog because I had almost no ability to go back and edit any of my old blog posts. Those of you who know me, know that I am not a very good proofreader, and I often find typos in my old blog posts that I would like to fix... so, not being able to edit any of the old blog posts in this blog was a huge drawback.

What I finally had to do was to go in to the blog, post by post, and reformat every single one of the old posts to make it compatible with the new editor. Luckily, I am not averse to tedious tasks on the computer, and it only fook about three hours, maybe four. And now it is done!!! I can blog about proverbs again!!! Just in time for our spring break next week... EUGE!!!! I am looking forward to much proverbializing to come.

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